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Perkins Loan

The Perkins Loan Office is dedicated to serving the needs of Webster University's Perkins Loan Borrowers.

ACS is our billing agent for the Perkins Loan Office and is available to assist in accessing your account information or apply for deferment, forbearances, etc.

Students that have been notified by ACS/Webster University of their Perkins Loan award must participate in entrance counseling before receiving the initial disbursement each year.

Student borrowers under the Perkins Loan program who are about to graduate, transfer out, or simply stop out for a semester or term must complete exit counseling. Note that official Webster University academic transcripts are not released until the exit counseling requirement is completed.

Counseling requirements may be completed by visiting Perkins Loan Counseling.

Master Promissory Note

Students that have been notified of their Perkins Loan award must also sign a Master Promissory Note “MPN” authorizing Webster University to credit the funds to their student account.

Click here ACS-eSign to sign the “MPN” electronically.

Please have your FAFSA PIN ready, as you will be asked to input it to verify your identity.

When a student signs the “MPN”, the student borrower is confirming he/she understands that Webster University may make new loans for the borrower throughout the duration of the student's education at this institution (up to 10 years) without the student signing another promissory note. The student is also agreeing to repay Webster University for all loans made under the terms of the Perkins “MPN.”

It is important the student borrower read all the information on the “MPN” before signing. The “MPN” includes your rights and obligations and other imperative information such as interest rates, deferment, forbearance, cancellation provisions and default consequences.

While the signature on the “MPN” allows Webster University to make multiple loans to the student borrower on a single “MPN”, the student is not required to accept the amount that has been awarded. A student has the right to cancel all or part of the loan by contacting the Perkins Loan Office.

To contact the Perkins Loan Office

Phone: 800.727.9962
Fax: 314.963.6922