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Finding Student Employment

Gorlok Career Link is Webster University’s online career management and recruiting system utilized by students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Access Gorlok Career Link at:

Getting Started Guide for Locating and Applying to Student Employment Positions

Log into your Gorlok C
areer Link account to search for available student employment positions. 
Upload your resume to Gorlok Career Link. Under the "Documents" tab,  click "+ Add New" and upload your resume.
Under the "Jobs and Internships" tab on the Gorlok
 Career Link homepage, select "Job Postings."  
Select "Federal Work Study: Student Employment" and/or "Budget Position: Student Employment."
When you see a position that interests you, click on the job title to review the job description. 
Apply for multiple positions that match your interests and qualifications. Click on the "Apply" button to submit your resume and any other required documents. 
Follow-up with the contact person listed to express interest in the position, and to check where they are at in the hiring process. 
Consider setting up an appointment to meet with a representative in the Career Planning & Development Center to discuss improving your resume and interview skills if you have not secured a position within one month of starting your search.

 gorlok career link
Gorlok Career Link is Webster University's Online Career Management and recruiting systems utilized by students, alumni, faculty, and employers.


International students will need to submit additional paperwork for the hiring process. Please reference the How to Hire an International Student flow chart for the mandatory requirements.

Are you having a difficult time finding a student employment position? Try this!

  • Apply to several positions.
  • Follow the application requirements closely.
  • Submit a high quality resume.*
  • Contact the hiring manager listed on the position posting directly.
  • Network directly with supervisors, professors, campus departments, and current students to find out about open positions.

If you have exhausted all of these bullet points and you still have not found a position, consider making an appointment with the Student Employment Coordinator to discuss your options.

*For resume assistance, make an appointment with your Career Advisor in Gorlok Career Link