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For Supervisors

The Student Employment Program is designed to help students meet educational expenses through meaningful employment. Working as a student employee helps the student develop a sense of community and belonging. Students who feel part of their university tend to do better scholastically and remain at the university to degree completion.

The Student Employment Office provides resources for both on-campus supervisors and community service sites:

On-Campus Supervisors

The hiring process:

1) Review the Student Employment Supervisor Manual to learn more about the program’s policies and procedures.

2) Check with Dean/Director/Financial Manager to get approval for position(s).

3) If the position is new, complete a Job Description and send it to for approval.

4) After necessary approvals, post the position(s) on Handshake.  If you do not already have a Handshake
    account or have never posted a position, please review the Handshake for Student Employee Supervisor Guide.

5) Screen and interview the candidates.

6) Before an offer is given, contact Student Employment to verify Federal Work-Study Award and determine what
     paperwork is required for student to begin working.

7) Send required paperwork to Student Employment:

    1. Complete I-9 Form on or before the student’s 1st day worked.

      i.  Student Employee completes and signs Section 1.

      ii.  Supervisor examines and copies original forms of Identification. Supervisor then completes Section 2 using the
           provided forms of Identification.

      iii.  Examples for completing I-9 Form

    2. Complete the Student Employment Authorization Form

      i.  Student completes top section.

      ii. Supervisor completes middle section

    3. FERPA Agreement

    4. Additional Federal Work-Study Job Agreement Form (if student has another FWS position)

      i.  This form is necessary to ensure that supervisors are working together when developing schedules to prevent
          students from exceeding FWS Award or allowed hours worked per week

    5. International Students (Supervisor’s Guide on Hiring an International Student):

      i.   Copy of passport page

      ii.  Copy of F-1 or J-1 visa

      iii. Copy of I-20 or DS-2019

      iv. Copy of I-94

      v.  Copy Social Security Card

8)  Close the position on Handshake.  Send updates to students who did not get the position, so they know
     it is no longer available.  (How to close a position) (How to update applicants)

9)  Once Student Employment has received and processed the forms, Student Employment will email the student (with
     the supervisor copied) regarding ADP setup and New Hire Orientation.  Please verify with the student that they
     have completed orientation before they start working.  The student’s timecard will not be activated until they have
     participated in the orientation.

10)  Establish goals with the student at the start of the position to use as a benchmarking tool later.  This position should
      provide the student with a meaningful learning experience.

11)  Complete Student Employee Performance Evaluation as necessary.

12)  Review FAQs page to find answers to commonly asked questions.