Master of Art (MA)

LouiseLiu artworkThe Master of Arts (MA) in Art is offered with areas of emphasis in studio art (ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture), and in art history and criticism.

The MA in studio art degree is an initial professional degree, comprised of a series of class/studio and independent experiences to enhance and develop individual studio practices. This is an ideal degree option for students intending to seek admission to competitive MFA programs, as an advanced degree for secondary art teachers, and as a culminating educational pursuit in its own right.

The MA in art history and criticism typically prepares students to enter PhD programs in the field, and also provides a background in art historical research and contemporary criticism for those interested in art museum and gallery professions.

By design the MA in Art program admits only a limited number of students. Typically there will never be more than a few graduate students admitted in any given area and much of the instruction by its nature is individualized. The program is therefore considered very selective.

Degree Requirements