Wig and Makeup Design

John Wylie
Head of Design/Tech

The wig and makeup design program at Webster is focused on creating character hair and makeup designs for theatrical productions that support the overall vision of the costume designer and director.  We look for prospective students with strong theatre backgrounds.

After the student chooses wigs and makeup design, they will continue developing other basic skills, including construction, shop practices, and rendering techniques, while mastering necessary degree-appropriate hand skills in makeup techniques and wig building/styling.

Some of our wig and makeup students choose to explore a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with the Conservatory and the National Academy of Beauty Arts to obtain a Cosmetology license, enabling a graduating student to go further in the field. Others choose to take advantage of study abroad or internship experiences.

The program offers design and conceptual experience, both in the studio and in actual production work. Webster is one of the few undergraduate institutions that requires that all of the productions be designed by students; faculty input on production work is strictly advisory. This practice allows students to acquire production experience necessary for the degree and provides representative samples for their portfolio.Photo of Wig Design