The People.

faculty groupAt the heart of any music program are the people who greet each generation of students, namely the faculty.  Webster boasts a full-time faculty of 12 outstanding artist/teachers, along with more than 60 adjunct faculty who teach in various specialties.  Our faculty are leaders in various professional associations, unions, and guilds.  They are recordings artists, composers, church musicians, soloists, session players -- all exhibiting the highest standards, both in performance and in teaching.

You'll find a music theory class taught by a long-serving professor who is also a composer and a church organist, who has lived in London and led Webster's student advising staff.  Later in the same day, you'll take a lesson with a faculty member who has performed worldwide and recorded music with one of the great choral conductors of all time -- and whose recordings are still available.  On another day, you'll have a master class with a faculty jazz master with scores of tunes to his name; later that day, he'll give a recital.  Then you'll enroll in a musicianship course taught by a published songwriter, or have a lesson with a teacher who was just 12 hours earlier conducting a late rehearsal for a musical, or in the recording studio for a new CD, or touching up a new choral work for publication later this year.  

These are the norms at Webster, not the exceptions.  We are, quite simply, real and present in our music-making.

The Department of Music's mission: We seek to educate vibrant artist and teachers who are global citizens.  Our musicians will demonstrate individual excellence, a spirit of service, and a world-embracing mindset.

Here's what some recent graduates said about the faculty and staff:

"The people were definitely the best part. From Jean at the front desk, to each of my professors, and even a few professors I never had for a class and only saw in the halls, the faculty and staff were very kind, caring, and clearly knowledgeable."

"The best part about the Department of Music is the healthy attitude of the professors and students and supportive environment. This is a gem of the school that you guys need to hold onto. Not a lot of schools are like this."

"Because the department allowed me to select my mentor for student teaching, I was able to come away with the best experience possible and thus allowing me to enter my career with the highest quality training available in the state of Missouri."