Graduate Music Auditions

handtheoryWebster offers the Master of Arts degree in music and the Master of Music degree. 

Students must complete a minimum of 32 hours of graduate credit regardless of the chosen emphasis.

To be accepted for graduate study in music at Webster, a student must meet these criteria:

1) An undergraduate GPA of 2.5 in music courses
2) Completion of at least 30 undergraduate semester hours in music
3) Completion of prerequisites for Webster's graduate courses
4) Completion of entrance examinations appropriate to the proposed area of concentration.

Please contact the Department of Music at the Webster Groves campus on (314) 968-7032 to request our graduate packet of information, or to schedule an entrance examination and audition.  Graduate student auditions are separate from undergraduate auditions.

Audition Procedures

Church Music.  Applicants should prepare a minimum of three works in contrasting styles from the classical or sacred repertoire for piano, voice, or organ as the major instrument. If piano or organ is not the major instrument, a demonstration of keyboard skills will also be expected.

Composition.  Applicants for the MM in composition must present a portfolio of scores in various genres, as well as recordings of the works from performances, or electronic realizations, if possible. Applicants are also required to perform on their major instrument.

Instrumental Performance and Orchestral Performance.  Applicants for the MM in instrumental performance and orchestral performance should present a minimum of three major works, preferably performed from memory in a variety of historical and technical styles. Orchestral instrumentalists should perform excerpts from standard orchestral literature.

Jazz Studies.  Applicants should prepare a minimum of three works from memory. Instrumentalists should demonstrate improvisation skills on a 12 bar blues, a standard by Ellington or a similar composer, and a contemporary jazz work. Vocalists should perform two standards from the jazz repertoire. Scat singing may be requested. Percussionists will demonstrate an understanding of swing, Latin, fusion, and other styles. A brief sight-reading demonstration may be required.

Music Education.  Please follow the guidelines provided elsewhere in this section for auditions in piano, vocal or instrumental performance, or jazz studies.

Piano or Organ.  Piano and organ applicants should prepare a minimum of three major works, performed from memory, in contrasting styles. Two selections must be from the Baroque, Classical, or Romantic periods. The third work should be from the Impressionist or contemporary periods.

Voice.  Applicants must submit previous recital programs and will be assessed on knowledge of repertoire, diction, and language phonetics. Applicants will perform five works from memory, including oratorio/opera arias and songs from the classical repertoire in four languages. Applicants may be asked to sight-sing or vocalize to assess pitch perception and tone production.

Master of Arts.  Applicants should follow the guidelines for their instrument or interest area as listed previously. Applicants should discuss audition preparation with the Director of Graduate Studies in Music.

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