For Current Students

Classroom teaching.Current students will find this page useful, since it contains:

  • Information on studying abroad in Vienna (usually the junior year, S2 term) 

  • Current four-year plans for all undergraduate programs in music

  • Recital request and recital hearing forms 

  • Jury sheets for all required end-of-semester juries



Department of Music Handbook 15-16

Department of Music outcome statements

Room Schedules

To see busy and free time in rooms available to reserve, simply click on the room name in the column on the left. Once the window opens, click WEEK at the top right to see the full weekly view.

When you identify a free time in a room, and you wish to make a reservation, send an email to the Department of Music office.  Include all the information we will need: reservation start time, event start time, ending time, name/purpose of event, and your name and contact phone number.  Your reservation is not complete until you receive a note from the office confirming the event, and you see the time no longer listed as free on this calendar.

MU 104 (Recital Hall)

Large classroom and recital hall, with Steinway B piano, seating 80

MU 302

Classroom with teaching station and upright piano, seating 25

CMS 11

Large classroom and ensemble room, with Steinway B piano, seating 50

What some recent grads said they would change if they had a do-over:

"I would like to be able to squeeze in a few more classes. An audio class or two would have been helpful. I feel like every musician should know their way around a microphone and a soundboard, and I would have liked to fit that in. There are of course other classes that would have been fun/helpful as well, but this one sticks out."

"I would have gotten my jazz orchestrations done faster so I could work on classical orchestration instead. I didn't have much of a plan and was kind of lost as a musician, but it all worked out in the end and I am happy with the outcome."

"Take a foreign language sequence to fruition."

"If I could redo my webster education I would try to do a better job of socializing with all of the departments such as the jazz, vocal, instrumental, and education departments within the music department. I feel like even though the music department is such a close, family-like atmosphere, there is still some separation between these departments and it would be nice if all of the departments were like a solid unit." 

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