Design, Tech and Stage Management Application

  • Slots fill up quickly. We ask that you submit your application early, as we cannot guarantee slots to anyone. Once slots are assigned, MWTA cannot change the time of your interview.
  • To apply for the MidWest Theatre Auditions, you must be nominated by a college professor or theatre professional. Please talk to your nominator and confirm that they are willing to nominate you BEFORE you begin your application process. You will have to provide the name of your nominator and the name of the institution they belong to on your application.
  • On the application webpage, select the button that reads “Acting & Design/Tech/Stage Management Auditions.” From there you can select the Design/Tech/Stage Management Interview page.
  • Before you begin your application, please be aware that you will not be able to save your form, so make sure you have enough time to complete your application in one sitting. You will be asked to provide a short (100 words or less) resume, so you may want to prepare that ahead of time.
  • There is an application fee of $45 due with submission of application, payable online by Visa or MasterCard. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept any other forms of payment. Checks and cash are NOT accepted.


Applications for the 2016 MWTA are now closed. Please check the Facebook page for updates on the 2017 application.