Fall 1, 2019 Schedule | Webster University

Fall 1, 2019 Schedule

 August 19, 2019 -October 18, 2019

Monday - Thursday courses will meet 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
***Petition to Graduate for Fall One – August 12, 2019
***Final day to register in Online courses for Fall One– August 16, 2019
***First day to log into Fall One Online classes - August 16, 2019
***Fall One drop/add deadline – August 23, 2019
***Fall One withdrawal deadline – September 27, 2019
***Fall One grades due from instructors – October 25, 2019
~~~Holidays: Campus closed, no classes (Makeup TBD)
                      Labor Day September 2, 2019                  
                      Columbus Day October 14, 2019
***NOTE: Schedule and Classroom assignments are subject to change! Last Updated 06/04/19

Course         Section Description         Instructor               Room
BUSN 5000 BG Business (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. J. Lowery-Clark TBD
COUN 5640 BG Marriage Couples & Family Counseling Dr. M. Robinson TBD
HRMG 6000 BG Integrated Studies in HRMG (WebNet+) HNTR-FTST Dr. L. Lanier TBD
BUSN 6120 BG Operations & Project Management (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. J. Lin  TBD
COUN 5150 BG Psychopathology Dr. A. Gainey  TBD
ITM 5100 BG Information & Communications Systems & Networks (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. C. Hairston  TBD
COUN 6500 BG Internship Dr. K. Duffy  TBD
HRMG 5000 BG Managing Human Resources (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. T. Lashley  TBD
MRKT 5000 BG Marketing (WebNet+) LEJE Dr. J. Wilke TBD
PROC 5830  BG Pricing Dr. E. McEady  TBD
BUSN 6110 BG Operations & Project Management (WebNet+) SHAW Dr. P. Mills TBD
HRDV 5610 BG Training & Development (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. M. Johnson TBD
INTL 5510  BG Theories of International Relations (WebNet+) FTBG Dr. D. Gaylord  TBD
AT HOME SECTIONS (WEBNET+) 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
FINC 5880 W1 Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet+) LEJE Tuesday Dr. S. Brown TBD
MNGT 5650 W1 Management & Strategy (WebNet+) Thursday FTST Dr. D. Desper TBD

BTEC stands for Bragg Training Education Center (the complex where the office is located) - BLDG 1-3571
SDC stands for the Soldier Development Center (which is located on the corner of Macomb & Armistead) – BLDG 2-1728