Fort Gordon: Fall 2 Schedule | Webster University

Fort Gordon: Fall 2 Schedule

Term: October 22–December 21, 2018

Course Section Description Instructor
Monday (5:45 pm–9:45 pm)
ITM 6000 GD Final Project in IT Management  Mr. Huckabee
Tuesday (5:45–9:45 pm)
CSSS 5130 GD Cybersecurity Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Ms. Arnold
Wednesday (5:45 pm–9:45 pm)
BUSN 5200 GD Basic Finance for Managers Mr. Welcher
BUSN 5300 GD Project Procurement Management Mr. Johnson
Thursday (5:45 pm–9:45 pm)
 HLTH 5100 GD Statistics for Health Administration TBD
Saturday (8 am–5 pm) Every Other Saturday
MNGT 5670 GD Managerial Leadership Ms. Streeter
HRDV 5610  GD  Training and Development  Dr. Smith

Schedule is subject to change.