Fort Gordon: Spring 2 Schedule | Webster University

Fort Gordon: Spring 2 Schedule

Term: March 16 to May 15, 2020

Course Section Description Instructor
CSSS 5160 GO Encryption Methods and Techniques Jordan
BUSN 6120 GO Managerial Economics (WN+ Satellite) JenHsiang
MNGT 5000 GD Management Dynamics (WN+ Satellite) Bold
HLTH 5040 GO Health Administration Law (WN+ Satellite) Bullock
BUSN 5000 GO Business (WN+ Satellite) Wilke
BUSN 5200 GO Basic Finance for Managers (WN+ Satellite) Beatty
MNGT 5650 GO Strategy and Management (WN+ Host) Simmons
HRDV 5610 SG Training and Development (WN+ Host) Smith
FINC 5880 GO Advanced Corporate Finance (WN+ Satellite) Hawk
MNGT 5590 GO Organizational Behavior (WN+ Satellite) Shaw
Saturday (Selected days)
MNGT 5000 SG  Management Dynamics (WN+ Host)  Tatum