Summer Syllabi 2014

Course Description Instructor
BUSN 5600 Accounting Theory and Practice Azar
BUSN 5760 Applied Business Statistics Pataky
BUSN 6120 Managerial Economics Aguirre
BUSN 6120 Managerial Economics Torres
BUSN 6200 Strategy and Competition Tidwell
COUN 5020 Foundations the Helping Relationship King
COUN 5150 Psychopathology Bilbe
COUN 5150 Psychopathology Espinosa
COUN 5450 Trauma, Crisis, and Emergency Relief Counseling R. Park
COUN 5450 Trauma, Crisis, and Emergency Relief Counseling P. Park
COUN 5800 Professional Orientation and Ethics P. Park
COUN 5850 Research and Program Evaluation Espinosa
COUN 6000 Counseling Learning Practicum Bilbe
COUN 6500 Internship 1.5 R. Park
COUN 6500 Internship 1.5 Moltane
FINC 5880 Advanced Corporate Finance Smith
HLTH 5050 Financial Management in Health Administration Smith
HLTH 6000 Integrated Studies in Health Administration Robinson
HRDV 5630 Organization Development and Change Aranda
HRDV 6000 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development Robinson
HRMG 5000 Managing Human Resources Castellano
ITM 5100 System and Network Levine
ITM 6000 Final Project Whittle
MNGT 6000 Integrated Studies in Management Vivaldi
PROC 5000 Procurement and Acquisition Management Fitten
PROC 5860 Government Contracting Kelley