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Faculty Resources

This web page is established for adjunct professors to receive updates on important Fort Jackson, download forms, and get updates on the Faculty Handbook.


None at this time.

Withdrawal Form

This form can be used when a student has missed too many classes and should be administratively withdrawn or the student desires to withdraw from class prior to the end of week six.  The professor must fill this form out as much as possible.  A signature from the professor and date is also required.

Incomplete Form

This form is used when an incomplete grade is issued at the end of the term.  The change of grade form must also be submitted at the same time.  Please be sure to indicate how long the student has prior to the change of grade form being submitted with a failing grade.  Please note that an incomplete can not be issued for a student to take the entire class again. 

Faculty Resource Guide

Formerly Faculty Handbook

C/F Form

This from must be submitted for each student that has received an end of term grade of C or F.  Signature and date is required.

Change of Grade Form

This form is used in conjunction with the incomplete form.

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