Fort Jackson: Fall 2 Schedule | Webster University

Fort Jackson: Fall 2 Schedule


Oct. 19:  Final day to register for Fall 2 online classes
Oct. 19:  First day to log into Fall 2 online classes
Oct. 20:  Fall 1 Graduation Date
Oct. 22:  Fall 2 classes start
Oct. 26:  Fall 1 grades due from faculty
Oct. 29:  Registration begins for Spring 2019 classes
Nov. 2:   Fall 2 drop deadline
Nov. 22 - 23:  Thanksgiving Break (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
Nov. 30:  Fall 2 withdrawal deadline
Dec. 21:  Fall 2 classes end

Fall 2, 2018 term starts Oct. 22 and closes Dec. 21, 2018

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5200 FK Basic Finance For Managers + AGCCC01-19 (webnet+ hosted by FJTK) Ledbetter Thu TBD
BUSN 5700 FK Advances in Project Management
(webnet+ hosted at Fort Jackson)
Baker Tue TBD
BUSN 6110 FK Operations and Project Management (webnet+ hosted by FJTK) Dr. Lolas Wed TBD
FINC 5880 FK Advanced Corporate Finance (webnet+ hosted by FJTK) Ledbetter Tue TBD
HRDV 5610 AX Training and Development
(AGCCC 05-18 September 24 to November 23)
Worku Thu McMorris TBD
HRMG 5000 FK Managing Human Resources + AGCCC01-19 Dr. Mills Wed TBD
HRMG 5700 AX Employment Law
(AGCCC 05-18 September 24 to November 23)
Stent, Esq. Tue McMorris TBD
HRMG 5920 FK Compensation (webnet+, hosted by FTJK) Dr. Oladapo Thu TBD
HRMG 5930 FK Labor-Management Relation (webnet+hosted by FTJK) Singleton, Esq. Mon TBD
MNGT 5000 FK Management Craven, Esq. Mon TBD
MNGT 5590 FK Organizational Behavior Dr. Copley Thu TBD
MNGT 5670 FK Managerial Leadership
(webnet+, hosted by FTJK)
Dr. Copley Tue TBD
MNGT 5870 AG Issues in Management - Wills and Testaments Hickman, Esq. Tue TBD
MNGT 5870 FK Issues in Management - APA Writing for Managers Dr. Zimmerman Mon TBD
MNGT 5990 FK Corporate Responsibility
(webnet+, hosted at FTJK)
Craven, Esq. Wed TBD
MNGT 6000 FK Integrated Studies in MNGT
(Call 803-738-0603 to get registered)
Dr. Dukes Thu TBD