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Fort Jackson: Schedules and Syllabi


Important Dates

Mar 15:     Final day to register for Spring 2 online classes
Mar 15:     First day to log into Spring 2 online classes 
Mar 18:     Spring 2 classes start
Mar 29:     Spring 2 drop deadline 
Apr 8:       Registration begins for Fall 2019 classes
Apr 26:     Spring 2 withdrawal deadline
May 17:    Spring 2 classes end 
May 18:    Spring 2 Graduation date

Spring 2, 2019 term starts March 18 and closes May 17, 2019

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5200 (FK) Basic Finance for Managers
Webnet Hosted by Fort Stewart
Ms. Stewart Mon Ed Cen B107
BUSN 5600 (FK) Accounting Theory & Practice
Webnet Hosted by Fort Stewart
Dr. Simon Thu Ed Cen B107
BUSN 5760 (FK) Applied Business Statistics
Webnet Hosted by Fort Jackson
Dr. Dukes Tue Ed Cen B109
BUSN 6110 (W2) Operations and Projects
Webnet Hosted by Shaw AFB
Dr. Mills Tues Ed Cen B107
BUSN 6200 (FK) Strategy and Competition  CANCELLED TBD TBD TBD
HRDV 5630 (FK) Organizational Development & Change
Hosted by Fort Jackson
Dr. Copley Thu Ed Cen B109
HRMG 5000 (FK) Managing Human Resources
Webnet Hosted by Fort Jackson
Dr. Mills Thu Ed Cen B303
HRMG 5700 (FK) Employment Law
Webnet Hosted by Hunter AAF
Jacobs, Esq. Mon Ed Cen B109
HRMG 5920 (FK) Compensation
Webnet by Fort Jackson
Dr. Oladapo Wed Ed Cen B109
HRMG 6000 (FK) Integrated Studies in HRMG  CANCELLED TBD TBD TBD
MNGT 5000 (FK) Management
Webnet Hosted by Fort Jackson
Craven, Esq. Mon Ed Cen  B1303
MNGT 5590 (FK) Organizational Behavior
Webnet Hosted by SHAW
Dr. Davis Wed Ed Cen B107
MNGT 5870 (FK) Issues in Management:
Investing and the Law
Hickman, Esq. Wed Ed Cen B303
MNGT 6000 (FK) Integrated Studies in Management
VIDYO Hosted by Camp Lejeune
Dr. Dodge  Thu Ed Cen B107 
 Webnet schedule for at home   
BUSN 6110 (W4) Project Management
Hosted by SHAW AFB 
Dr. Mills Tue at home 
MNGT 5590 (W2) Organizational Behavior and Change
Hosted by SHAW AFB
Dr. Davis Wed at home
PROC 6000 (W1) Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitions 
VIDYO Hosted by Camp Lejeune
Dr. Beatty Mon at home