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Fort Jackson: Schedules and Syllabi


Important Dates


Spring 2, 2020 term starts March 16 and closes May 15, 2020

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5000 FJ Business
hosted by FTST
Dr. Gordon Wed Ed Cen B107
BUSN 5200 FJ Basic Finance for Mangers
hosted by FTJK
Smalls, Esq. Thu Ed Cen B109
BUSN 6120 FJ Managerial Economics
hosted by FTBG
Dr. Lin Tue Ed Cen B107
FINC 5880 FJ Corporate Finance
hosted by FTJK
Dr. Hawk Thu Ed Cen B107
MNGT 5000 FJ Management
hosted by LEJE
Dr. Bold Tue Ed Cen B109
MNGT 5590 FJ Organizational Behavior
hosted by FTST
Dr. Buzzuro Mon Ed Cen B109
MNGT 5650 FJ Management and Strategy
hosted by  FTGO
Dr. Simmons Wed Ed Cen B109
MNGT 6000 FJ Integrated Studies in MNGT
hosted by FTGO
Dr. Oladapo Mon Ed Cen B107
PROC 5850 FK Logistics
hosted by LEJE
Dr. Timm Tue Ed Cent B107
CCC Non-Traditional Schedule Courses
Spring 2, 2020 (17 Feb - 17 Apr 2020)
 HRMG 5000 AG Human Resources Management
Seated class at Fort Jackson
Dr. Ross Thu TBD 
 HRMG 5700 AG Employment Law
Seated class at Fort Jackson
Dr. Stent  Tue TBD