Fort Jackson: Schedules and Syllabi

Spring 1, 2017 term starts 9 Jan 2017 and closes 10 Mar 2017

Course GoArmy
Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5100 FJ 54447 Introduction to Project Management Lolas Mon Ed Center B107
BUSN 5200 FJ 54448 Basic Finance for Managers Smalls Thu Ed Center B109
BUSN 5600 FJ 54450 Accounting Theory & Practice Massa Tue Ed Center B100
BUSN 5620 FJ 54451 Current Economic Analysis Bailey Wed Ed Center B100
BUSN 6200 FJ 54454 Strategy & Competition
(call 738-0603 to register)
Lolas Wed Ed Center B107
FINC 5000 FJ 54457 Finance Ledbetter Tue Ed Center B107
HRDV 5610 FJ 54458 Training & Development Copley Wed Ed Center B109
HRMG 5000 FJ 54460 Managing Human Resources Ross Wed Ed Center B304
HRMG 5700 FJ 54461 Employment Law Stent Tue Ed Center B300
HRMG 5800 FJ 54462 Staffing & Selection Oladapo Thu Ed Center B205
HRMG 6000 FJ 54464 Integrated Studies in HRMG
(call 738-0603 to register)
TBD Thu Ed Center B107
ITM 5000 FJ 54466 Information Technology Wunderlich Thu Ed Center B100
ITM 5300 FJ 54467 Procurement & Contract Mngt for IT Singleton Mon Ed Center B100
MNGT 5000 FJ 54468 Management Dukes Mon Ed Center B109
MNGT 5870 AG 54470 Issues in Mngt: Personal Finance
& the Law
Hickman Tue Ed Center B205
MNGT 5870 FJ 54471 Issues in Mngt: Grant Writing Zimmerman Mon Ed Center B305
MNGT 6000 FJ 54472 Integrated Studies in MNGT
(call 738-0603 to register)
TBD Thu Ed Center B107
SECR 5000 FJ 54475 Security Management Davis Wed Ed Center B305