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March 1: Registration begins for Summer 2018 classes*        
May 25:   Final day to register for Summer online classes                    
May 25:   First day to log into Summer online classes                             
May 28:   Memorial Day (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)  
May 28:   Summer session begins                                                              
June 8:    Summer session drop deadline                                  
June 10:  Summer Petition to Graduate forms due
July 4:     U.S. Independence Day Observed (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
July 6:     Summer session withdrawal deadline
July 27:   Summer session ends
Aug. 3:    Final grades due from faculty
Aug. 4:    Summer Graduation Date**
  *If you are registering for your last term, you should fill out a Petition to Graduate form. To participate in the June 1 Commencement Ceremony, review the Steps to Graduation.

Late registration is allowed during the first week for some online classes; contact the Online Learning Center for more information.

**Graduation Date is the official date of conferral that appears on the diploma.

 Summer 2018 term starts May 28 and ends July 27, 2018

Course GoArmy
Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5200 FO 71080 Basic Finance for Managers Massa Thu Ed Cen B303
BUSN 5200 AG   Basic Finance for Managers (June 18 to August 14 AGCCC 04-18) Perry Thu McMorris 108
BUSN 6110 FO 71081 Operations and Projects Dr. Lolas Wed Ed Cen B107
BUSN 6120 FO 71082 Managerial Economics Bailey Tue Ed Cen B303
HRDV 5610 AG 71083 Training and Development
(4/30/18 to 6/29/18 AGCCC 03-18)
Worku Tue McMorris 108
HRMG 5000 AG   Managing Human Resources (June 18 to August 17 AGCCC 04-18) Ross Tue McMorris 108
HRMG 5700 AG 71084 Employment Law
(4/30/2018 to 6/29/2018 AGCCC 03-18)
Stent, Esq. Thu McMorris 108
HRMG 5930 FO 71085 Labor-Management Relations Singleton, Esq. Mon Ed Cen B107
HRMG 6000 FO 71086 Integrated Studies in HRMG
(call 803-738-0603 to register)
(Webnet+ hosted by Fort Gordon)
Dr. Oladapo Thu Ed Cen B109
MNGT 5000 FO 71087 Management Craven, Esq. Tue Ed Cen B107
MNGT 5670 FO 71089 Managerial Leadership
(Webnet+ hosted by Fort Jackson)
Dr. Copley Mon Ed Cen B109
MNGT 5870 FJ 71091 Issues in Management -
Harassment  #MeToo?
Dr. Ross Mon Ed Cen B303
MNGT 5870 FO 71090 Issues in Management -
Risk Management
Craven, Esq. Wed Ed Cen B303
MNGT 6000 FO 85532 Integrated Studies in MNGT
(call 803-738-0603 to register)
(Webnet+ hosted by Fort Jackson)
Dr. Dukes Tue Ed Cen B109