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Fort Jackson: Schedules and Syllabi

Summer 2018 term starts May 28 and ends July 27, 2018

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5200 FO Basic Finance for Managers Massa Thu TBD
BUSN 5700 FO Advances in Project Management TBD TBD TBD
BUSN 6110 FO Operations and Projects Lolas Wed B107
BUSN 6120 FO Managerial Economics Perry Tues B107
HRDV 5610 AG Training and Development (4/30/18 to 6/29/18 AGCCC) Worku Tues McMorris
HRMG 5700 AG Employment Law (4/30/2018 to 6/29/2018 AGCCC) Stent Thur McMorris
HRMG 5930 FO Labor-Management Relations Singleton Mon B107
HRMG 6000 FO Integrated Studies in HRMG
(call 803-738-0603 to register)
Oladapo Thu B107
MNGT 5000 FO Management Craven TBD TBD
MNGT 5590 FO Organizational Behavior Copley Wed B109
MNGT 5670 FO Managerial Leadership Copley Mon B109
MNGT 5870 FJ Issues in Management - #MeToo Ross Tue TBD
MNGT 5870 FO Issues in Management - Risk Management Craven Wed TBD
MNGT 6000 FO Integrated Studies in MNGT
(call 803-738-0603 to register)
PROC 5000 FO Procurement TBD TBD TBD