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Access to Fort Jackson - Pass Requirement:

As of December 23, 2014 accessing Fort Jackson for classes for the spring 1, 2015 with Webster University may require you to receive a pass. The "Pass Requirement" is only for civilians that are taking classes at Webster University at Fort Jackson.

1. To receive your pass, when you enter gate two, you may be directed to the visitors center. The visitors center is located at the gate 2 entrance.
2. Upon entry to the visitor center, a background check will be performed. Once you have passed the background check, you will have your thumb prints and a picture taken. The pass will have your picture and will be good for the entire term.
3. Every time you enter Fort Jackson you will be required to have your pass in hand and drivers license. Please be sure to have your insurance card and valid registration since they may ask you for this as well. Access is limited to gate 2.
4. If you are asked where you are going, please inform the guards that you are going to the Education Center for classes with Webster University. All current spring 1, 2015 students taking classes at Fort Jackson have been added to the list for gate access. You will not be able to acquire your pass until January 5th.

Any subsequent changes on how civilians will access Fort Jackson will be listed on this page. This change in access is mandated by the Department of the Army. Webster University supports the mission of the Army and requirements placed upon us.

Thank you,
Vincent J. Stovall, Regional Graduate Director


Molly Himel
Academic Advisor for Military Campuses, Eastern Region
phone: (314) 968-6972