Fall 2 2013 Schedule

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5000 FK Business Ramsey Monday 2300 / 201
BUSN 5200 FK Basic Finance Smith Wed Ed Cntr B107
BUSN 5680 FK Writing for Success Zimmerman Monday Ed Cntr B109
BUSN 5760 FK Statistics Lawther Tues Ed Cntr B109
BUSN 6070 FK Managerial Acct Hinkle Tues Ed Cntr B308
BUSN 6120 FK Managerail Econ Bailey Mon Ed Cntr B200
FINC 5000 FK Finance Ledbetter Mon Ed Cntr B107
FINC 5880 FK Adv Corporate Finc Ledbetter Wed Ed Cntr B109
HRDV 5610 FK Training and Development Lawther Mon 2300/208
HRDV 5630 FK Org Development Lawther Thur Ed Cntr B200
HRMG 5000 FK Intro to HRMG Ross Wed Ed Cntr B200
HRMG 5920 FK Compensation Mngt Myers Thur Ed Cntr B109
HRMG 6000 FK Integrated Studes Merritt Thurs Ed Cntr B107
ITM 5100 FK Networking Swain Wed Ed Cntr B308
ITM 5300 FK Procurement and Cont Singleton Mon Ed Cntr B308
ITM 5600 FK ITM Security Swain Tues 2300 / 208
ITM 6000 FK Final Project in ITM Wunderlich Thurs Ed Cntr B308
MNGT 5000 FK Management Hightower Tues Ed Cntr B200
MNGT 5590 FK Organizational Behavior Stovall Mon 2300 / 207
MNGT 5870 FK Issues: APA Writing Zimmerman Tues Ed Cntr B109
MNGT 5990 FK Corp Respons and Society Craven Thurs 2300/201
MNGT 6000 FK Integrated Studies in MNGT Merritt Thurs Ed Cntr B107
MRKT 5000 FK Marketing Miller Tues 2300/201

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