Summer 2014 Schedule

May 26 to July 25, 2014

Course Description Instructor Day Location
BUSN 5000 FO Business Hudson Monday EdCen B109
BUSN 5200 FO Basic Finance for Managers  FULL Bonds Wednesday EdCen B109
BUSN 5620 FO Current Economic Analysis Bailey Wednesday EdCen B204
BUSN 5680 FO Writing for Success Cash-Green Tuesday EdCen B109
BUSN 5760 FO Applied Business Statistics Lawther Tuesday EdCen B107
BUSN 6110 FO Operations and Projects Lolas Monday EdCen B107
BUSN 6200 FO Strategy & Competition (call
803-738-0603 to register
Lolas Wednesday EdCen B107
HRDV 5630 FO Organizational Development and
Lawther Thursday EdCen B200
HRMG 5000 FO Managing Human Resources Merritt Wednesday Ed Cen B303
HRMG 5700 FO Employment Law Stent Tuesday EdCen B206
HRMG 5800 FO Staffing and Selection Myers Thursday EdCen B109
HRMG 5930 FO Labor-Management Relations Singleton Monday EdCen B208
HRMG 6000 FO Integrated Studies in HRMG (call
803-738-0603 to register)
Merritt Thursday EdCen B303
ITM 5000 FO Information Technology Wunderlich Monday EdCen B204
ITM 5400 FO System Analysis and Design Wunderlich Tuesday EdCen B305
MNGT 5590 FO Organizational Behavior Cash-Greene Monday EdCen B203
MNGT 5650 FO Management and Strategy  FULL Gerald Tuesday EdCen B208
MNGT 5670 FO Managerial Leadership Hightower Tuesday EdCen B200
MNGT 5990 FO Corporate Responsibility   FULL Craven Thursday EdCen B208
MNGT 6000 FO Integrated Studies in MNGT (call
803-738-0603 to register)
Merritt Thursday EdCen B303
MRKT 5000 FO Marketing Miller Tuesday EdCen B203