Fort Leavenworth Application Process

There are different ways to apply for graduate admissions with Webster University

  1. We provide information at our booth during Post Activities Information and Registration (PAIR) Day, and are able to accept applications at that time.
  2. Administrative personnel and academic advisors are available at our Education office location on Fort Leavenworth Monday through Thursday 0800-1800 and Friday 0800-1600 to accept applications. Please call 913.682.1922 first to ensure that an academic counselor is available if you require that service. This option applies year round and we are able to accept mid year applications with the understanding that you may not complete your degree during CGSC.
  3. Sign up immediately from your current duty station or home location.
    -- Create a username and password, then log in to complete an application for graduate admission.
    -- Have the institution that posted your undergraduate degree send a copy of your transcript to verify eligibility for entry into our Graduate Degree Program. To do this, download and complete our transcript request form and send it to the Registrar's Office at your undergraduate institution.