Registration Procedures

All students using GoArmyEd (GAE) tuition assistance should request TA through the portal in accordance with individual program plans.

  1. Registration forms are required for all students.
  2. Tuition assistance through the goarmyed portal must be requested within the first two weeks of the term.  Failure to request tuition assistance in a timely manner will result in full payment of tuition by the student.
  3. Registration forms must be completed and returned to the office.  These forms may be faxed, scanned to email, or personally delivered and must be completed entirely.
  4. Please refer to the online schedule for available seats remaining in each class (Enter term, select FTLV in dropdown menu, then click ENTER DATA).  Classroom sizes are limited - additional registrations in full/closed classes will not be added.


Your cooperation with these procedures will help us keep track of the number of seats available in each class and will ensure that you get the required class on your preferred day. It will also ensure that soldiers receive their TA prior to the ADD/DROP date and are not held personally responsible for the cost of the class. Students who are on a "hold" status will not be guaranteed any class enrollment. Undergraduate transcripts must be on file by the end of your first term with Webster.  Student accounts must be kept in good standing; students using military tuition assistance should pay their portion before the end of the enrolled term.  Student accounts with a balance due will be placed on hold status by main campus.

Instructions for new users in the GoArmyEd Portal.