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Fort Still Student Testimonials

Anthony Williams

US Army Command Sergeant Major, Retired

Anthony Williams, US Army, RetiredI am Anthony Williams, a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major who served as a Field Artillery Soldier for 32 ½ years. I retired from the US Army in April of 2005 and started pursuing my college degree in 2007. I have an Associates and a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, and a Masters of Arts Degree from Webster University. I am married and currently live in Lawton, Oklahoma where I’ve worked for the past 11 years as a defense contractor for a major US defense company.

I selected the Masters of Arts in Management and Leadership program because it was in line with my many years of experience in the Army. I am currently serving as a regional manager for Marketing and Business development, and I felt this program would assist me in managing both people and programs.

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in General Studies in 2010, I convinced myself that I was finished with my schooling, and would focus my time and efforts on my job and my family. However, after talking with Mrs. Sandra Kunz our Webster University Regional Director and some of my fellow students about pursuing a higher level of education, in the summer of 2013 I decided to go back to school.

Making the decision to go back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree took a lot of convincing!! I have to admit that this decision was not made by me alone, and took lots of persuading by several key leaders in the Fort Sill Education center. Mrs. Sandra Kunz and Mrs. Pricilla Sacks, the former ESO, were the two driving forces behind me deciding to go back to school, and in deciding that Webster University was the right school for me. Webster University not only has a great reputation at Fort Sill but throughout the United States. Another reason I chose Webster University for my degree, was due to the way their courses were designed, the reputation of their professors, and the credit they gave for being a graduate of the US Army Sergeants Majors Academy.

Course design and Curriculum:  The business courses were designed to fit my work schedule. Everything from the syllabus, the book selection, and the material updates was beneficial.

Instructors & Professors:  I cannot say enough about the professors I had throughout my term with Webster. They were professional and well versed in their area of expertise.

Reputation:  Webster University has a solid reputation and is recognized throughout the US. This is one of the main reasons for my selection.

Leadership:  The Webster University Fort Sill Campus has a solid leadership foundation that is mentioned by students in the classrooms, and by the professors. Not only would I recommend Webster University to others, I already have, and will continue to do so every chance I get!! I have assisted our SW Regional Director in briefing other Command Sergeants Majors on what Webster can provide, and the importance of continuing their educational goals.

Tia Gordon

US Army Veteran, MA Leadership & Management, 2013

Tia Gordon, US Army VeteranMy name is Tia Gordon and I am a Webster University Graduate. I have held various leadership positions on active duty as a Noncommissioned Officer and currently as a Department of Defense Army Civilian. The decision to choose higher education was more of a personal choice. I wanted to validate my military career, experience intellectual growth and broaden my knowledge. I also I wanted a quality education that didn’t make me feel like a number or a lost face in a crowd. As a married, working professional, I researched other universities to determine available options and what program would work best for my busy life. Webster University was the clear choice.

Webster University offers a fast pace, has a strong academic reputation, and quality professors. Webster University offered a degree that summarized everything I was looking for. Within 2 weeks of meeting with the staff, I was enrolled full-time as a graduate student. The staff and professors were exceptional - always available and approachable. The mentorship and support I received was unparalleled.

The curriculum was highly relevant and theme based but also challenging. The learning environment fostered creativity, helped me to think differently and acquire innovative skills to positively affect others. Through hard work and discipline, I received a Masters of Art in Leadership and Management one year later.

I chose to join the student team at Webster because I wanted to give back. As a Soldier, I was galvanized to help others succeed and as an Army Civilian, I wanted to use the skills I learned to help others pursue higher education and achieve their goals. My experience was invaluable; I hope others make the choice to choose Webster and experience the pride that comes along with being a Webster University graduate.

Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller, US Army

Christopher M. Miller at Ft. SillAs I prepare to leave Fort Sill and embark upon the next chapter in my life, I find myself reflecting on the past year and half, the people that I have met, challenges that I have faced, the journey that it has been, and the meaning behind it all.

My decision to attend Webster University, in search of my Graduate Degree, was originally motivated by a desire to remain competitive for promotion and selection to future command positions. That being said, I was uncertain as to whether or not a Graduate Degree was truly required for such. I was equally uncertain about my academic abilities; were they commensurate with Graduate level studies.

As it turns out, I was wrong about my academic abilities; they provided a strong foundation that fostered academic development. I was also wrong about my original motivation to attend Webster University. I have learned that the true meaning behind my academic journey has been centered on development.

The curriculum was instrumental in the development of my conceptual thought process, my understanding of dynamic environments, and the intricacies of human interaction and relationship building. I carried this new found perspective into my own class room (I was a Captains Career Course Instructor). I found so many parallels between my graduate studies and the academic development of future Leaders in our Military. As I was developed, I developed others which have proven to develop the organization.

Thus development has been identified as my sincere motivation to attend Webster University. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words, only measured by the depth of development in myself, those with whom I interact with, and the organizations that I am a part of.

Thomas Vandal

Lieutenant General Thomas Vandal, MA Management 1986

The background and experiences that I received from my graduate studies has prepared me for the complexities of command at all levels in the Army, from Battalion, Brigade, Group, Division, and now as an Army Commander.  A Webster University program allowed me to interact with other service members to have professional dialogue in the classroom with other serving professionals with a great deal of experience.