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Money Talks

MoneyTalks is here to help you!

Plan to attend the MoneyTalks and Investments 101 Seminars, Tax Classes, and complete the online Financial Literacy Course. We have some awesome prizes to give away!

Students often have trouble adjusting to life on their own and may not be prepared to handle financial obligations like living expenses, credit card bills, and, later, student loan payments. 

The Webster University Money Talks Program helps participants learn key skills for financial success, and also assists them in developing, implementing, and improving their financial literacy understanding. 

The Webster University Money Talks Program comprises a series of 60-minute instructional Money Talks Seminars with an accompanying online course, The seminars are designed to be conceptually presented in small chunks of memorable content. Strategies for gaining and holding attention include frequent presenter-audience interaction, so that participants can explore the content in a fun way. The seminars and the online course teach a range of concepts on topics such as managing credit, saving and investing, building spending plans, employee compensation, and how to pay for college costs.

Because of a grant provided by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, Webster University is able to provide both current students, prospective students, and their parents with the opportunity to hone their financial skills in a fun and exciting format.

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