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Connection Leaders

Who are the Connection Leaders?

The Connection Leaders are here to assist all first-year and transfer students with their college transition by pairing each new Webster University Student with a Connection Leader.   The Connection Leaders are here to provide guidance and support throughout the new students first year at Webster University.

I’m a new student, how do I know who my Connection Leader is? 

Now that you have got a couple of weeks under your belt, you will soon be contacted by your Connection Leader. So don’t freak out when someone calls you and says, “Hey there I’m your Connection Leader, would you like to meet for lunch.” Take them up on the offer and start getting connected with new students and new experiences on campus. Your Connection Leader is here to help answer questions and provide you with resources.

From getting to know my Connection Leader, what will I gain?
Some of the things we hope Connection Leaders and New Students will gain from their experiences:
Provide opportunities for students to address the range of diverse identities, perspectives and experiences that impact their learning experience while attending Webster.
Offer a space for students to address their transition to the Webster University Community.
Create a space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves intellectually and emotionally.
Support the development of ongoing, meaningful relationships.
Connecting students with campus resources, departments, and personnel.
Foster a co-curricular experience through events, forums, social gatherings, and community involvement.  

For Additional Information Please Contact:
The Office of First Year Experience Programs