What is MAP-Works?

Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. The University is proud to offer the MAP-Works retention initiatives resource to help students achieve, succeed, and grow through intervention and connection. Students involved with MAP-Works respond to personal surveys at pivotal times throughout each academic semester. Participation in MAP-Works increases student success by:

Providing early intervention to students who may benefit from additional assistance.
Aligning student expectations with actual outcomes
Cultivating student involvement
Facilitating the social and emotional transition to college 

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How does it work?

MAP-Works provides students with a personalized online printable report. Each report is designed to help the student understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. It also connects students to pertinent campus resources as well as benchmarking results to show participants how their peer s are adapting to college life.

When do I take the survey?

Webster University students will be surveyed four times a year. The first survey will be launched within the first three weeks of the Fall Semester. Additional check-up surveys will be launched periodically throughout the year to help students gauge their progress.

Webster University students that complete the MAP-Works Survey:

Earn a higher GPA
Are less likely to be placed on Academic Probation
Develop and stronger connection to campus resources and Webster University as a whole.