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About the Old Post Office

Old Post Office St. Louis

The Old Post Office was constructed in 1884 using an architectural style known as "Second Empire." It was home to the Postal Service, the Customs Service and the Federal 8th District Court, which oversaw jurisprudence in 10 states and four territories.

It was one of five buildings commissioned by the federal government to mark a new era in the post-Civil War United States (the other four were constructed in New York, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Boston). While the vision was that the buildings would last forever, by the end of World War II, all of the other buildings had been demolished. The St. Louis building was the sole survivor, but the building was vacant and falling into disrepair.

In the 1960s, the building was saved by a local group of preservationists, but it wasn't until 1998, Downtown NOW put forth a detailed plan to revive the area now known as Post Office Square by focusing on the creation of an urban university campus. Webster University responded with a plan and was named the anchor tenant. The building was renovated and Webster University moved in to the space in 2004. The University currently has a lease through 2019.

Currently, Webster offers numerous programs, from certificates to undergraduate and graduate degree programs. (See http://www.webster.edu/gateway/ for more information). The space also is home to Webster's Confucius Institute, the World Affairs Council and the Diversity Awareness Partnership. Other tenants of the building include a branch of the St.Louis Public Library, the St. Louis Business Journal and the Missouri Court of Appeals - Eastern District.

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