Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield: Spring 2 2020 Schedule | Webster University

Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield: Spring 2 2020 Schedule

Term Dates: MARCH 16 - MAY 15, 2020

Important Dates: MARCH 9-13 SPRING BREAK

Schedule subject to change prior to term!

Course Day Section Time Description Instructor Location GoArmyEd#
Fort Stewart (WN+ Instructor Onsite)
MNGT 5590 M FQ 6–10 pm Organizational Behavior WN+ FTST host Dr. Buzzurro FTST ED CTR 159415
BUSN 5000 W FQ 6–10 pm Business WN+ FTST host Heather Gordon FTST ED CTR 158791
HRDV 5610 TH  FQ 6–10 pm Training & Development WN+ FTST host Nestor Colls-Senaha FTST ED CTR 159202
Other WN+ Classes (Instructor Offsite)
MNGT 6000 M FQ 6-10 pm Integrated Studies in Mgmt WN+ HNTR host Dr. Deane Desper FTST ED CTR 159483
HRMG 6000 MNGT 6000 M FS 6- 10 pm Integrated Studies in HR WN+ FTGO host Victor Oladapo FTST ED CTR N/A
BUSN 6120 T FQ 6–10 pm Managerial Economics WN+ FTBG host Jen-Hsiang Lin
MNGT 5000 T  FQ 6–10 pm Management WN+ LEJE host Joan Bold FTST ED CTR 159388
HRMG 5700 T FQ 6-10 pm Employment Law WN+ ORLN host Birmingham FTST ED CTR N/A
BUSN 5200 TH  FQ 6–10 pm Basic Finance for Managers WN+ FTJK host Gerald Smalls FTST ED CTR 158805
FINC 5880 TH FQ 6-10 pm Advanced Corporate Fiinance WN+ FTJK host Richard Hawk FTST ED CTR 159143
MNGT 5650 W FQ 6–10 pm Management & Strategy WN+ HNTR host Dr. Deane Desper FTST ED CTR 159444
Course Section Description Instructor Time
Hunter AAF
MNGT 5590 HT Organizational Behavior
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Buzzurro 6–10 pm
BUSN 6120 HT Managerial Economics
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Lin 6–10 pm
MNGT 5000 HT Management
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Tatum 6–10 pm
MNGT 5650 HT Management and Strategy
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Desper 6–10 pm
BUSN 5000 HT Business
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Gordon 6–10 pm
BUSN 5200 HT Basic Finance for Managers
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Smalls 6–10 pm
FINC 5880 HT Advanced Corporate Finance
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Hawk 6–10 pm
HRDV 5610 HT Training and Development
WebNet+ (FTJK host)
Colls 6–10 pm