Fall 1, 2013 Schedule

August 19 - October 18, 2013


Course Section Description Instructor Day
Ft. Stewart
 BUSN 5000 FQ Business  Vince Brennen  Tue.
 MNGT 5670 FQ Managerial Leadership  Bill Garlen  Tue.
 HRDV 5610 FQ Training and Development  Tom Hines  Wed.
 MNGT 5000 FQ Management  Dulce Font- Perez  Wed.
 MNGT 5990 FQ Corporate Responsibility and Society  Bill Griffin  Wed.
 BUSN 5760 FQ Applied Business Statistics  Shinemin Lin  Thur.
 HRMG 5000 FQ Managing Human Resources  Tom Hodgson  Thur.
 SECR 5000 FQ Security Management  Charles Hall  Thur.
 Hunter AAF 
 BUSN 6070 HT Management Accounting  Elaine Campbell Tue.
 HRMG 5930 HT Labor Management Relations  Bill Baker Tue.
 MNGT 5590 HT Organizational Behavior  Tyron Woodard Wed.
 SECR 5010 HT Legal and Ethical Issues in Security  Kayin Darby Wed.
 MNGT 6000 HT Integrated Studies in Management Bill Baker Thur.
 ITM 5000 HT Information Technology Management  Tony Justi Thur.