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BA in Management

You'll learn about the relationship between management and employees, how to motivate top employee performance, hiring procedures and labor-management relations. You'll even study business law including contracts and laws affecting sales, warranties, and consumer protection. More

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BA in Media Communications

Webster's Media Communications degree enables you to explore the ways humans use media and technology to exchange ideas. You'll learn to interpret media messages, communicate effectively in context, demonstrate creative problem solving, and exhibit professional knowledge and skills that will make you a valuable asset to marketing firms and organizations. More

BS in Finance

The field of finance blends economics, accounting, and other business disciplines with the goal of making sound business financial decisions. Financial tools and methodologies are of crucial importance for both small and large businesses. Important areas of finance include raising capital, making investments, and understanding the financial markets in which businesses operate. More


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BA in International Relations

Whether you're thinking about becoming a trade specialist, language instructor, international banking or import/export coordinator, your degree from Webster will enable you to focus on relationships and tensions between cultures or countries by linking issues, approaches and knowledge in new ways. More

BS in Computer Science

Students in this major are focused on making the computer system perform at its highest level. They will become proficient in programming and in understanding the best uses of the machine. These individuals will become the IT professionals who keep the infrastructure running. They will be qualified to create new systems, as well as having the skills to maintain and update older systems. More

BA in Psychology

Students will gain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behavior and the psychological theories and concepts which help explain human behavior. Consequently, students who have successfully completed the degree may be able to apply psychological principles to become a more effective manager, supervisor, or educator. More