Scholarships & Financial Aid

Academic Excellence Rewarded.

Scholarship awards recognize the years of dedication and focus students have invested in their education so far. The Webster-Ghana Campus awards scholarships based on a record of academic excellence and proof of financial need.

Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarship applications are provided after you have been admitted to Webster University. Scholarships from the Ghana Campus are not transferrable to other campuses, except during Study Abroad. 

Undergraduate Ghana Bursary

Ghanaian citizens and all students graduating from a high school in Ghana (regardless of citizenship) will receive a 30% bursary, reducing the annual tuition by the equivalent of US$6,000.

US Financial Aid Loans

American citizens attending the Webster-Ghana campus are eligible to receive FAFSA loans. For more information about the financial aid process click on the US Financial Aid button below.