A 'No Surprise' Policy on Tuition & Fees

It's no fun to be surprised by charges you didn't expect or plan for. That's why the Ghana Campus has a 'no surprise' policy on tuition and fees. This is how simple it is:

  • Application fee
  • Tuition paid each semester (undergraduate) or per course (graduate)
  • Graduation fee

There may also be special course fees when special materials (e.g. photography) or travel are needed. But this information will be posted before course registration and the student can take an alternative course.

Application Fee: 2016


For Ghanaian residents: Ghana Cedis 200. 
For non-Ghanaian residents: US$50. 

The admissions decision will be made only after the application fee is paid.


Undergraduate Tuition: 2016


Full-time students pay a “flat fee” tuition to take between 4 and 6 courses each semester. The Fall Semester is late-August to December. The Spring Semester is January to May. Most students require four years to complete the bachelor's degree. 

NOTE: Exchange rate is current Bank of Ghana rate.

  • Flat tuition fee of US$4,900 per semester (4-6 courses)
  • Scholarship award amounts will be deducted at time of invoicing 
  • Some courses may have additional lab or travel fees, but this fee will be communicated before registration
  • Tuition is paid at the start of each semester and must be paid in full no later than the first day of the semester.
  • Tuition fees are subject to change each year.


Graduate Tuition: 2016


A student needs to successfully complete 12 courses in order to earn either the MBA or MA International Relations degree.

Tuition for each course is US$1,500. A full-time graduate student takes 2 courses each term. 
Term Fee: 1 course = US$1,500, 2 courses = US$3,000   
For the entire degree (12 courses) the tuition will be $18,000

However, students are eligible for a percentage discount on advance payment of tuition fees.

  • Scholarship award amounts will be deducted at time of invoicing
  • Tuition fees are subject to change each year.
  • Tuition is paid at the start of each term and can also be paid on a "course by course basis"

NOTE: Exchange rate is set at current Bank of Ghana rate.