Ghana Campus: Student Experience

At Webster, your experience outside the classroom is just as important to us as what you learn from your instructors. Offering you an American style of university life means that you will have lots of opportunities to get involved . For more information, contact the Student Affairs Office.

  • Student government
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Community service
  • Leadership development
  • Group trips
  • Social events
  • Just having fun!

The student-driven philosophy of Webster University means that if we don't have something already in place, and you can show enough interest among your fellow students, we'll help you organize your own club!

We don't do this just for the fun of it – studies have shown that students who are involved outside the classroom are actually MORE successful IN the classroom. So, taking full advantage of the Webster student experience can make you a more appealing candidate for employment or graduate school.

Leadership development

Are you interested in being a leader? Are there particular skills you would like to gain? Throughout the year, there will be both formal and informal events focusing on topics like networking, leadership styles, and group dynamics. Also, your role through some of the areas above can put you in a position of leadership, and we'll help as you run your groups and activities.

Community service

Every October, all Webster campuses (there's over 100 around the world!) participate in an annual day of community service called Webster Works Worldwide. This is a great way to help out our neighbors around the campus, and also get to know your fellow students in a different setting. Additionally, on-going involvement in community service organizations is encouraged and built into the leadership development curriculum.

Group trips

Whether hiking near a waterfall, visiting a museum in Accra, or traveling to Cape Coast, we will organize trips that might be a great learning experience, or simply offer an opportunity to relax.

Clubs and organizations

The number and types of clubs depend on student interest because YOU create them! Perhaps you are a Management student and want to start a Small Business Organization; or you and your friends love movies, so you start a Film Club; or you are a native French speaker and want to start a weekly Language Table. We'll help you do that.

Student government

Student Government Association (SGA) is a representative body of both graduate and undergraduate students who bring forth student concerns and ideas to the campus administration and make decisions for fellow students.

Social events

Do you like karaoke? Are there certain foods you'd like to try? Is there a film festival in town? Whether on- or off-campus, we will plan a wide variety of campus activities that will keep you stimulated throughout the term or semester.