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The need for scholarship support is greater than ever. Nearly 90 percent of Webster's full-time freshman students receive financial aid in the form of scholarship assistance and loans. Webster University has a long tradition of educating those with limited financial resources but exceptional potential and dedication to learning. Our students, including many who are the first in their family to attend college, come from extremely diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of interests and passions. For many of these promising students, scholarships provided by Webster alumni and friends are the only way they are able to continue their education.

Each spring, we celebrate the impact that scholarships have on the lives of our students, as scholarship donors and their scholars meet one another at the Annual Scholarship Dinner. Click on the videos to experience how our global citizenship comes alive through the words of recent scholars as well as our scholarship donors, shared at this year’s Scholarship Dinner. Today's Webster students are tomorrow's leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and artists — we will need them for a bright future. Right now, they need us.

There are many options to donate to scholarships at any amount including the general scholarship fund, school or college scholarship funds, and many popular endowed scholarship funds.

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What is a Daniel Webster Society Annual Scholarship?

Daniel Webster Society Annual Scholarships are an opportunity to give a yearly gift to Webster University and provide a scholarship for a deserving student. An annual gift of at least $1,500 creates a scholarship in your name, or the name of a loved one, that will be awarded to a promising undergraduate student in the next academic year. Your scholarship may be designated to any of Webster's five schools or colleges. Benefactors providing Daniel Webster Society Annual Scholarships are invited to meet their scholar at Webster's Annual Scholarship Dinner and will receive invitations to other Daniel Webster Society events.

Create a Lasting Legacy with an Endowed Scholarship Fund

Would you like to see your legacy live on at Webster in perpetuity? Endowed scholarship funds are invested to provide both annual awards and fund growth — ensuring that your gift is never eroded by inflation. Endowed scholarships can benefit any of Webster's schools or colleges, specific academic programs, and students attending any Webster campus. The development staff can work with you to design a scholarship that meets your philanthropic goals. Partial scholarships can be established with a gift of $25,000 or greater.

Gabe Bullard, BA '07
2005-06 DeWitt & Caroline Van Evera Foundation Scholar
2004-05 E. Desmond & Mary Ann Lee Endowed Scholar

"I’m among the first generation of my family to attend college, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without scholarship support. […] You’re here because you can make a difference. You have a talent to do that, and you have the support to give you the ability. You’re here because someone sees something in you, and they want you to see it in yourself."

Rachel Kaufer, BA '13
International Human Rights
2012-13 Harry J. Cargas Endowed Scholar

2013-14 Arthur M. Sandler Endowed Scholar

"Being a researcher for Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch is my dream job, and this is what I tell people when they are perplexed as to why I spent time getting a human rights degree. Without these scholarships, I would not have the gumption to explain to these people that despite what they are thinking, I will make a difference."

Anthony Thompson, MBA ’88
Established the Anthony and Kim Thompson Endowed Scholarship and the Tyrone L. Thompson Endowed Scholarship

“It is a thrill to talk to the recipients of our scholarships. They are appreciative and they’re smart and they’re talented, and more importantly, it gives me an opportunity to share with them my story, particularly of the story about my brother, and why I even created a scholarship in the first place. […] I direct three scholarships of my personal money to Webster University [because] I want to decide that those funds go where I know they will make a difference, and Webster has made that difference.”

Marianne E. Gleich, BA '66
Established the Marianne E. and Peter A. Gleich French Language Scholarship, the Marianne E. and Peter A. Gleich International Business Scholarship, the Marianne E. and Peter A. Gleich Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Study of French Language and the Marianne E. and Peter A. Gleich Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Undergraduate Study Abroad Opportunities

"It is our hope that our scholarship support opens doors and allows these students experiences that they don’t even imagine at this point. When we began our life’s journey, we had no idea of the places we would visit, or the international locales in which we would work. So, thank you donors, for making these experiences possible for our students, through your past and ongoing support."