GenevaGeneva, while a world-class international financial center, is often called the “Humanitarian Capital of the World.” This scenic Swiss city has the longest tradition of international cooperation and the greatest number of international organizations and conferences, including the International Committee for the Red Cross, the European seat of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the International Labor Organization.

This spirit of international cooperation made Geneva an ideal place for Webster to open its first international campus near Lake Leman in 1978, just seven minutes by train from the city center. Today, more than 500 students representing 100 nationalities are enrolled.

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Here you'll take advantage of Geneva's key leadership position in humanitarian issues. Professional visits may include places such as the International Committee for the Red Cross and the United Nations Office in Geneva. Webster also hosts an annual Humanitarian Conference each spring.


Faculty Spotlight

Oreste Foppiani
Oreste Foppiani

Oreste Foppiani, Ph.D., is the head of Webster's International Relations Department in Geneva. As a political analyst and scholar with an interest in Diplomatic History, Security Studies, and International Politics, he focused his research on US-EU relations, EU integration, WWII and the early Cold War period. He is now working on a research project on the US “rebalance” toward Asia. In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Foppiani is also a permanent correspondent to the UN Office in Geneva and a senior officer of the Italian Navy Reserve.

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