HavanaWebster University is proud to add Havana as the first Spanish speaking location in the Global MA in International Relations program. Rich in culture, music and creativity, this vibrant city is a fascinating place waiting to be explored. The blend of cultures, from the historical influences of Latin-American, Europe, the United States and Russia, provides a complex but diverse society that has long been isolated from the rest of the world.

Located in the heart of Havana and near the bay, Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most impressive historical centers in the Caribbean. Spanish Colonial architecture provides a glimpse of the bustling Havana of old. In other areas of Havana city the mid-century art deco architecture sheds light on 20th century influences.

Havana MapWith its close proximity to, yet tumultuous relationship with, the United States, Havana is a unique city in which to critically analyze political and economic systems and the impact of foreign policy decisions through various lenses. Through partnership with the University of Havana and its Center for U.S. and Hemispheric Studies, students will have the opportunity to take an in-depth, immersive look at U.S.-Cuba relations by reflecting on the past, examining the present, and considering the future.


Faculty Spotlight

Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodríguez

Dr. Rodríguez is a professor/researcher and currently Deputy Director of the Center for Hemispheric and United States Studies at the University of Havana. There he teaches introductory and postgraduate courses on U.S. history. In addition he has taught courses on Cuban history and the history of U.S.-Cuban relations to undergraduate students from the University of North Carolina, American University and University of Alabama on semester programs at the University of Havana since 2004. Dr. Rodríguez has been a visiting scholar and guest lecturer in Canadian, U.S. and Latin American universities since 2002 on topics related to Cuban Foreign Policy and US-Cuba/Canadian Cuban relations.

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