Webster University London will not be accepting new undergraduate students into degree-granting programs at the current Webster London location at this time.  We will also not be accepting new graduate students in this location after the Spring 2015 semester start in January 2015.  We will be seeking a new London location and partner for students to study at in 2017.  However, Webster University students may continue to study abroad at this location and enroll in Webster’s robust online programs.

Founded by the Romans in 60 A.D., London is the undisputed business capital of Europe and a melting pot of the world's cultures and nationalities. The city is home to seven million people who speak more than 200 languages.

That international flavor is apparent on Webster's London campus at Regent's College, where native Europeans make up only a quarter of the graduate students. The presence of students from so many countries provides an exciting  forum to discuss international issues.

To complement your study, you'll have the opportunity to visit historic places such as Westminster Palace, the International Institute of Strategic Studies Archives and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Located 15 minutes from the West End and world-famous historical, arts, entertainment and shopping attractions, the Regent's College campus is nestled in one of central London's royal parks. The classrooms line the quadrangle at the heart of the campus, surrounded by green lawns, gardens, tennis and basketball courts. London Map


Faculty Spotlight

Yossi Mekelberg
Yossi Mekelberg

Mr. Mekelberg is the director of Webster's International Relations and Social Sciences program at Regent's College. He also is an associate fellow at the Middle East program at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House. Research interests include U.S. foreign policy, international relations and revolutions, international politics in the Middle East, and the Arab-Israeli peace processes. Mekelberg is a member of the London Committee of Human Rights Watch and a consultant for the simulation foundation Pax Ludens. He is also a regular contributor to the international media.

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