Global MA Cohort Route & Course Schedule

The Global MA programs are 36-credit-hour cohort programs in which students pursue their degree by following a predetermined schedule of courses and campus travel. While all attempts are made to provide GMA students course options, students follow a cohort schedule in order to ensure that all students meet the graduation requirements by the end of the program. Please note that once cohorts are assigned, Global MA students must follow the set rotation. It is not possible for students to change the order of campuses along the way.  

An attempt is made to give all students their first cohort choice, but there is a possibility that students will not get their first selection. Certain factors (e.g. available housing) are taken into consideration. There may be limits to the number of students a campus can accommodate. Cohort assignments are at the sole discretion of program administration.

Sample GMAIR Cohort Rotation and Course Schedule*
Sample GMAINGO Cohort Rotation and Course Schedule*

*NOTE: Professional Seminar courses are 1.5 credit hours, and all other courses listed are 3 credit hours. Because students complete an in-depth culmination paper as part of the capstone course (INGO 6000 or INTL 6000), there is no Professional Seminar in the final eight-week term.


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