GMAINGO Campus Rotation & Course Schedule

Big Ben

Sample Rotation

Fall 1 (Bangkok)

INGO 5500 Professional Seminar
Two INTL courses from the Issues Cluster (TBD)

Fall 2 (London)

INGO 5500 Professional Seminar
INGO 5000 Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)
INGO 5600 Principles of Negotiation

Spring 1 (Leiden)

INGO 5500 Professional Seminar
INGO 5200 Methods and Approaches to INGOs
INTL 5540 International Organizations

Spring 2 (Geneva)

INGO 5500 Professional Seminar
INGO 5700 Grant Writing, Fundraising and Development for INGOs
INGO 5900 Project Management for INGOs

Summer (Washington DC)

INGO 6000 INGOs in Theory and Practice
Any one course from the following:
INTL 5300 Field Work
INGO 6500 Internship in INGOs

Please note that the information above is subject to change without advance notice. While all attempts are made to provide GMAINGO students course options, students in this program follow a set schedule of courses in order to ensure that all students meet the graduation requirements by the end of the program. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog online for a description of the MAINGO and its coursework.


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