Student Testimonials

Anna FeigumAnna Feigum, GMAIR '12, Cohort 2 (Vienna, Bangkok, Geneva, London, Leiden)
GMAIR Graduation: July 18, 2012

"Whether this program is right for you depends on your personal experiences and goals...This program is partially about learning your options and opportunities for career paths, as we visit a great deal of varying organizations in every city. Aligned with this, the program itself is a fairly broad one, aimed to familiarize us with the different aspects of international relations (humanitarian issues, the UN, regional studies, etc).

"This program is definitely a trying and rewarding one… New academic topics coupled with the day-to-day stresses of living in unfamiliar places—and I even traveled/studied abroad a few times as St. Olaf College—has absolutely fostered personal growth, both intellectually and in gaining a better understanding of myself.

"If you want what you learn in the classroom to apply to your everyday world, travel and gain experience in unfamiliar situations, I would recommend the global program...I can assure you that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Carly TimmCarly Timm, GMAIR '11, Cohort 2 (Vienna, Bangkok, Geneva, London, Leiden)
Consultant - Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development
(APFED) Showcase Programme and Delivering as One Initiative
United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

"Don't be intimidated if you have not traveled internationally...I had never left the States before I did this program. One big word of advice...pack light! I survived on one suitcase that passed the weight requirements for flying in Europe. This made my life so much easier...if you over pack, it limits your mobility between campuses when you have a few days to travel.

"All of the extra activities and opportunities to interact with professionals that Webster provides students with are just as important as your classes. Take every chance you get to chat with speakers you go to see, get business cards, send out thank you emails to people from organizations that give presentations to you. For example, go to as many Chatham House events as you can in London, and if you come to Bangkok, join the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. I made excellent connections with people I met at these events. The Global program puts you in the right places to be able to make these connections, but you have to do the leg work!

"The Global program gives you a great in-depth 'base' of International Relations knowledge. This was perfect for me, seeing as my undergraduate degree was not in this field. However, when it comes to your individual choices for research topics, papers, and presentations throughout the year, try to keep your research focused to one particular area. In the job market, just having a good knowledge of International Relations is not enough. You have to show that you can take this broad knowledge and apply it to something. For example, just about every paper I wrote throughout the year addressed an international relations issue through an environmental lens. I looked at regional cooperation, international rivers, coastal management, fisheries policies. Basically I narrowed my scope; I took what I was learning in International Relations and applied it to my field of interest."

Kyle FlemmingKyle Flemming, GMAIR 2011

“The program encourages individuals with distinctive views, interests and professional backgrounds to engage and collaborate with one another in a way that affords a rich exchange of ideas about international affairs and global issues.”

Nicole CorveyNicole Corvey, GMAIR 2009

“The life experiences I gained from the program surpassed my expectations. It was by far the best year of my life so far.”

Liz Byers, GMAIR 2007Liz Byers

“Being a Chatham House fellow in London was the best part about the professional seminar… This is the perfect chance to live all over the world and experience different ways of life and cultures… My classmates became my family. They were truly the best part.”

Ross Bethune, GMAIR 2009Ross Bethune

“Observing OSCE meetings during the Russian–Georgian conflict of 2008 helped to expose me to the high intensity reality that every state faces. New experiences, friends, amazing memories, professional contacts and a more complete worldview are things that only Webster’s Global MA program can deliver.”

Megan Parker, GMAIR 2010Megan Parker

“When you are given the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in 11 months, while living in different countries, you take it. You take it, you live it, you embrace, and you learn it!”

Henok YemaneHenok Yemane
, GMAIR 2010

“Throughout the many exciting opportunities and adventures, this program challenges you to abandon your comfort zone, allowing you to appreciate spontaneity over familiarity.”

Angel Cintron, Jr.Angel Cintron, Jr.
, GMAIR 2008

“The program provides an amazing opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and perspectives. It forces you to learn, unlearn, and relearn, not only international politics, but also some of your very own worldviews.”


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