Theme Four | Webster University

Theme Four

Strategic and Sustainable Development

Webster University will develop and implement integrated strategies that lead to sustainable, strategic, and balanced development.

The landscape of higher education is changing rapidly due to economic and demographic changes, questions about the necessity and affordability of college degrees, the impact of technology, the rise of the for-profit education sector, and other forces. Maintaining and growing revenue is necessary for the overall financial health of the institution and to fund the priorities set out in the strategic plan.


Strategic Enrollment Growth

We will determine specific geographic areas, demographic constituencies and modalities, which will lead to sustainable growth. For Webster University, key areas are: traditional undergraduate students, non-traditional undergraduates (adult learners over 25), graduate students, online students, and non-degree-seeking students (students seeking a credential other than a full degree, such as a certificate).

Priorities for Optimal Growth

We will develop and allocate financial and human resources to support priority initiatives.

Deploy & Use Resources Effectively

We will create a culture of commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency and integrate these concepts into all arenas, including our business practices and our curricular and co-curricular programs.

Strengthened Strategic Partnerships

We will develop and enhance affiliations with strategic partners in the corporate, government, non-profit and education sectors locally and globally. Through mutually beneficial collaborations, we will increase visibility and awareness of Webster University, advance our mission, create good will, and maximize enrollment opportunities.