Theme Three | Webster University

Theme Three

A Network of Academic and Operational Excellence

Webster University will move to the next level of academic excellence with degree programs and academic enrichment opportunities fitting our diverse student population and to achieving operational excellence in the delivery of programs and services.

We will be a strong global institution both academically and operationally. Academic excellence is supported by a culture, which supports faculty teaching, scholarship, research, artistic endeavors, curriculum development, and service across the network. Operational excellence is supported by infrastructure, policies, systems, and actions which ensure that data is reliable, communication is effortless across the network, and systems function well, all so that focus is on learning.


Comprehensive Excellence

We will achieve markers of excellence through the development and enhancement of academic programs and operational systems.

Excellence Initiatives

We will challenge and support students to achieve individual academic excellence

Enhance Infrastructure and Communication

We will ensure that operations and infrastructure support academic and operational excellence.

Comprehensive Faculty/Staff Development

We will provide development and support for faculty and staff to achieve excellence in academic and operational endeavors.