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The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) at Webster University is a leadership development program open to the faculty and staff of the university's global community. GLA fellows are selected each year to participate in a series of workshop and activities that help them to lead successfully in their roles and positions within the university. The primary mission of the GLA is to invest in the people of Webster University so that they may lead from where they are.

The GLA is unique in its approach to leadership development, with a curriculum that addresses the leadership domains required for successful leadership in higher education, and also opportunities to understand the complexities of Webster University. GLA fellows study and learn with others from around the university with close access to the initiatives, people, and places that make Webster University a distinctive place to work.

The fellows of the GLA divide responsibilities for facilitating workshops with internal and external subject matter experts, along with previous GLA fellows. Leadership topics and skills explored in the Global Leadership Academy are:

  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration
  • Positive Communication Strategies
  • Problem Solving and Customer Service
  • Using Data Effectively
  • Leadership Models and Theories
  • Strengths-based Leadership
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Internationalism
  • Financing and Budgeting in Higher Education
  • Military Leadership Practices
  • Becoming the First Choice for Military
  • Strategic Communication
  • Brand Messaging
  • Advancing Student Success
  • Accountability and Inclusive Excellence
  • Creativity and Innovation Leadership

Contact Information

Jennifer Broeder, Professor, Department of Nursing
Director of the Global Leadership Academy
(314) 9246-7988 ~ jbroeder@webster.edu

Holly Hubenschmidt, Head of Library Instruction & Liaison Services
Co-director of the Global Leadership Academy
(314) 246-8673 ~ hollyh@webster.edu

Erik Palmore, Director of the Faculty Development Center
Co-director of the Global Leadership Academy
(314) 246-8648 ~ palmoeri@webster.edu

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