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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it matter what position I am in? Do I have to be in a certain type or level of position?
A: No. All Webster faculty and staff are encouraged to apply. There are leadership skills at all levels of the institution, and the GLA focuses on developing participants to "lead from where they are."

Q: Is there a certain mix of faculty and staff who will be selected to participate?
A: Yes. The Selection Team will select a cohort that is representative of the University as a whole. We will select fellows who have a variety of work experiences, challenges, and communication styles to form a balanced cohort enriched by the multiple perspectives of its members.

Q: May I participate if I work for Webster outside of St. Louis? What if I work at an international campus?
A: Yes! The Global Leadership Academy thrives by providing representation of all aspects of Webster University. Participation from a variety of campuses and from diverse roles and people is encouraged and required for the success of the Academy.

Q: I am a part-time employee who feels like I would benefit and contribute to the Global Leadership Academy. May I participate?
A: Yes! Applications from part-time faculty and staff members are welcome.

Q: Do I need to discuss the GLA with my supervisor before applying?
A: While not an explicit part of your application materials, you are encouraged to discuss this opportunity with your supervisor as you would any professional development experience related your position. Supervisor input will be used in the application process to ensure that selected fellows can successfully participate.

Q: Am I responsible for any expenses related to participating in the GLA?
A: No.  All direct expenses for materials, travel, accommodations, and meals are coordinated and funded by the University.

Q: Will I be compensated for time spent participating in the GLA?
A: No, not monetarily. However, fellows will gain invaluable knowledge and skills by participating in the GLA.

Q: If I’m faculty and participate in the GLA, am I doomed to become a department chair? I would prefer to stay in the classroom.
A: The GLA will enhance your ability to lead from where you are. It can be helpful for anyone seeking job advancement, but it is not a requirement for such. Participation can be just as beneficial for employees who are content in their current jobs but want to operate with a greater understanding of the University and of your own leadership strengths.

Q: Will I have time to perform my normal job duties during the meeting weeks?
A: No. The meeting weeks consist of long days requiring focus on the presentations and workshops. We want all participants to be able to learn and reflect without distraction.

Q: I applied in a previous year but was not selected. Do I need to re-apply?
A: A new application for each year is required, although you are welcome to use whatever language is still relevant (and applicable to the application questions) to your current experience and position in your new application. While having previously applied does not mean an applicant is more likely to be selected, continuing to apply is encouraged, as GLA selects a cohort from a pool of applicants as diverse as the Webster network.

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