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Requirements for Participation

  • Openness to new experiences
  • Enthusiasm, motivation, and a desire to shape the future of Webster University
  • Commitment to complete all GLA activities: Workshops, assigned readings, projects, field experiences, and more
  • Ability to travel to face-to-face meetings when required; possession of a valid passport for international travel
  • Commitment to share learned knowledge and skills with others as appropriate
  • Agreement to serve the GLA as requested after and beyond the cohort year
  • Exercise leadership at Webster University, upon completion of the academy, to further the University's mission.

Criteria for Selection

  • Minimum of one year at Webster University prior to the start of the GLA program
  • Ability to fully participate in all GLA activities, and commitment to stay at Webster one year past conclusion of GLA program
  • Potential to positively impact Webster University
  • Strong desire to excel and learn new skills and abilities that will benefit the individual and the university
  • Ability to positively contribute to the group dynamics and the group learning process
  • Demonstrated excellence in current performance, or hold position where advanced leadership skills are needed

Benefits of Participation

  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Development of a strong network of colleagues
  • Comprehensive understanding of the university in all its complexity
  • Invitations to events associated with the Global Leaders in Residence Program and other University events on leadership
  • International and domestic travel opportunities


The 2018 Global Leadership Academy Cohort will convene three times per year for multi-day meetings.

Meeting One

Spring Break 2018
Monday, March 12 – Friday, March 16, 2018
Location: St. Louis

The workshops held at this meeting will focus on leadership models and theories, and strategic and operational concepts. GLA fellows will have the opportunity to learn more about the functions of the St. Louis campus and its unique characteristics. Travel to be scheduled for the weekend so that GLA fellows are each present on Monday morning.

Meeting Two

Summer 2018
Sunday, June 17 – Friday, June 22, 2018
Location: Webster University Florida Metro and Military Campuses

The workshops held at this meeting will focus on extended campus and intercultural topics, as well as additional topics that impact Webster's global network of campuses. GLA fellows will have the opportunity to learn about the nature of Webster's extended campuses, including opportunities to interact with different student populations, and to participate in activities to learn more about the communities in which they are situated. Travel to be scheduled for the weekend so that GLA fellows are each present on Sunday afternoon.

During the June session, the 2018 GLA cohort will visit several of the Florida campuses to spotlight the U.S. extended campus network. The destination for summer 2019 is the Ghana Campus in Accra. 

Meeting Three

Fall Break 2018
Monday, October 22 - Friday October 26, 2018 
Location: St. Louis 

The workshops held at this session will return to the leadership exploration and university operations. Fellows will engage with topics related to the international campus network and the needs and expectations of international students.Teams will wrap up their learning projects and discuss next steps in leading from where they are. Travel to be scheduled for the weekend so that GLA fellows are each present on Monday morning.

In advance of these week-long sessions, GLA fellows will participate in group (online) and individual activities to prepare for these three multi-day meetings.

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