Frequently Asked Questions

What networks should I be on?

There are dozens of social media networks used to market departments and organizations, but you don't need to be on all of them. The first site you should concern yourself with is Facebook. The site has more than 1 billion users and no other network even comes close. Establish and maintain a strong Facebook presence before delving into other online efforts such as LinkedIn or Twitter. It's better to have a strong presence on one channel than a poor presence on many.

Who should maintain our network?

We recommend every social media account created on behalf of the university have three people with administrative privileges — two from the sponsoring department/office/campus and one from the Digital Marketing and Communications team. The Digital Marketing and Communications team is not responsible for maintaining the content of a profile or page, we're there to offer support and ensure continuity through any turnover in university personnel.

Where can I get university-branded logos, photos, etc.?

The Digital Marketing and Communications team can supply departments, offices, campuses, etc., with any digital collateral needed to effectively brand the account as a part of Webster University. Each social network has different requirements for profile pictures. The Digital Marketing and Communications team can help ensure your picture fits these requirements for each specific network.

How often should I post?

There's no “magic number” of posts per day or post per week, but most accounts should strive to post daily. Don't be afraid to post more if you have more going on. It reflects poorly upon the university to create an account only to allow it to remain dormant for weeks at a time.

What if someone says something bad? Should I delete it?

More often than not, submitted comments will not fall into this category. If you receive a questionable comment, feel free to respond in a positive manner with the facts. Never engage in an argument or fuel the fires for debate. A quick consult with the Digital Marketing and Communications team is free of charge.