Getting Started with Social Media

Before establishing a presence on any social media network on behalf of Webster University, please consult with the Digital Marketing and Communications team. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

Social Media Project:

Sponsoring Department/Program:


  • Why are you establishing a social media presence?


  • What do you plan to achieve with this social medium? Inform? Encourage dialogue? Share information? What kind of information?
  • How will drive people to back to your primary Web site?

Target Audience

  • Who will be reading and commenting on your social media?
  • Who are you trying to engage?

Execution & Maintenance

  • Who will establish your presence?
  • Who will be the administrator?
  • Who will maintain it?
  • How often will it be updated? (Depending on the type of social media, updates at least daily are typical.)
  • How will you make connection to other Webster University social media outposts and official websites?
  • How will you promote it?