Immediate Communications Contacts to be made by Department of Public Safety, in priority order

  1. AVP/CCO Barbara O'Malley, 314-246-7825 or 314-707-6821 (cell)
  2. Director of Internal Communications, Christine Eason, 314-968-5976 or 314-565-5745 (cell)
    1. Christine will implement internal communications mechanisms, including Webster Alerts social media, email, IP phone, web site and ready@webster
  3. Director of Public Relations, Patrick Giblin, 314-246-7174 or 209-795-9019 (cell) 

On those rare instances in which the life and health of people on campus is at immediate risk (active shooter, tornado warnings, for instance) the incident commander may decide without further consultation to alert people on campus about the danger. Public Safety might alert the campus through Webster Alerts, email, IP phone and the Switchboard.

Emergency Contacts

Office of Public Safety
572 Garden Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Emergency Line

Power Failure - Emergency Line

Student Incident Concerns

Office of Student Affairs
University Center
800-981-9804 or

Emergency Communications Concerns

Global Marketing and Communications Department