Denise Buchholtz

Interactive Media Coordinator

Denise BuchholtzDenise Buchholtz develops and manages interactive applications as a member of the Digital Marketing and Communications team in the Global Marketing and Communications unit at Webster University. Specifically, she contributes to the development and implementation of integrated marketing and communications strategies aimed at attracting students and enhancing the University's reputation, through the web and new media.

Her background includes more than 10 years experience in the development, creation and maintenance of educational and corporate websites. Areas of expertise include standards-compliant web coding using XHTML and CSS, PHP, SQL/MySQL, Drupal, and WordPress. She is adept at server management, networking, software and hardware troubleshooting and repair.

Buchholtz is a Gorlok through and through. She holds a BA in Media Communications from Webster University and has served the last four years as a professional staff employee. She holds numerous networking, software and hardware-related certifications—Network+, A+, Apple Certified Desktop Technician, and Apple Certified Portable Technician among them—as well as an AAS in Technical Illustration. She is a lifelong learner and credits being involved in technology for keeping her job fresh and challenging.

She is always happy to engage in a spirited discussion of the values of Mac vs. PC, as long as you understand that Mac will always win. She is an unashamed Apple geek.

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